Delicious Morrilton Barbeque

Morrilton Arkansas BBQ Food Truck

Where tradition meets taste, and passion meets perfection. Located in the heart of Morrilton, Arkansas, we’re not just about barbeque; we’re about creating unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re hosting a private party, corporate event, or just craving some mouthwatering brisket, Salty Dalty’s BBQ is here to satisfy.


Our Mission

The humble mission of Salty Dalty’s BBQ food truck is simple – to faithfully serve deeply satisfying sensational BBQ.



When passion meets precision, magic happens on the grill.

1. All Prime, All Time. Every piece that enters our culinary sanctum is prime grade. No compromises.

2. Skillfully Sculpted. We trim each brisket, ensuring only the best parts are left.

3. Seasoning Secrets. Each brisket is delicately seasoned, introducing it to a world of flavors.

4. Cold Science, Hot Flavors. Brined overnight at a chilly 37 degrees. We’ve discovered the lower the temperature, the deeper the flavor penetrates.

5. Warm Embrace of the Smoker. Our smoker awaits, heated to 225, it’s ready to start the long slow kiss of smoky love. Enveloping the brisket in our secret smoke recipe, created from a maticulously selected and inspected variety of flavorful woods.  

6. Cold Meets Heat. We put the brisket in cold. Why? We’ve found that brisket chilled to 37 degrees lets the smoke sinks in deeper, creating layers upon layers of flavor.

7. Tender Love & Care. At 5 hours 45 minutes, a gentle mist of Apple Cider Vinegar kisses the surface, keeping it moist and invinegrated.

8. Patience Pays. At the 10-hour mark, a soft prod checks tenderness. We don’t rush, we wait, until the brisket whispers tales of buttery softness.

9. Warm Comfort. Once achieved, the brisket is gently cradled in a 145-degree warmer, ensuring it remains in its perfect state until it meets you.

10. Serving Perfection. Hand-sliced. Each slice is a culmination of time, love, and culinary care. Every bite tells a delightfully decadent story, stimulating every taste bud.